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Justice for Gage Lorentz 

On March, 21st 2020 a National Park Ranger, senselessly shot and killed Charles “Gage” Lorentz, in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM. He had his entire life ahead of him. We are calling for the arrest of National Park Ranger Robert Mitchell and for justice to be served. We will be a continued voice for police reform so other familes do not have to go through this.

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In Loving Memory of Charles Gage Lorentz 



The body cam footage has been released of Gage’s murder, and the ranger who shot gage still has not been arrested. NM Congressional leaders push for the justice in policing act after hearing Gage’s story.

WARNING this is very disturbing footage but you can view lapel camera video here:

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From the family

We will continue to seek justice for Gage. Our story is living testimony that law enforcement needs to be transformed and taken back to the roots of “to serve and protect.” We will continue to be a voice for law enforcement reform and make every attempt to prevent any other family from having to experience such a tragedy.  No family should ever have to endure the pain of losing a loved one.


About Gage

Gage was a genuine, country raised young man that had a heart of gold. He was hardworking and dedicated. His world was his family and the Colorado landscape where we raised him on the Western Slope. Gage was mechanical. He could fix anything. He was the first one to stop, turn around and offer help, if you were broken down on the side of the road. He dreamed of running an organization one day like the Boys and Girls Club of America where he and other mentors would teach young people to hunt and fish. Gage was a good, loyal friend. 

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